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12 Amazing Valentines Gadget Gifts for Your Geeky Girl

We all know you can’t go too far wrong with flowers and chocolates for Valentines Day. But when you want to show your sweetie you’re willing to go the extra mile, there’s nothing like a cool Valentines-related gadgets to let her know how much you love her.

It takes a little extra to impress that computer-programming, webpage-designing, online-gaming, social-networking apple of your eye. So what do you get the girl whose proclivities run to the geeky side? We’ve been scouring the web to find you this year’s 12 coolest gadget gifts designed to make your little tech-junkie swoon.

1. The Pat Says Now Velvety Valentines Mouse

If your geeky girl is anything like mine, she spends a lot of hours in front of her computer. Give her something that’ll make her think of you with this heart-shaped Velvety Valentines computer mouse. At $45.99 from Amazon it’s not exactly cheap, but can you put a price on love?

Plugs into any USB port on a Mac or PC. No word on how to get coffee stains out of that red velvet, though.

2. The TearDrop iPod Water Resistant Bathroom Speaker

Let your valentines sing along with her favorite songs anywhere there’s water—in the shower, the bath, the jacuzzi, or at the beach. No matter how wet this player gets it keep cranking out the tunes.

Battery operated, it works with a variety of mp3 players, including the iPod Nano and Shuffle, and retails for $58 from Molla Space.

3. The LED Flashing Sweetheart Kit

Show off your soldering skills with this little circuit board, equipped with 28 LEDs and a plethora of diodes and resistors—allowing you to create a customized blinking heart-type thingy. Your valentine will either be impressed with the personal touch or think you’ve been a bit touched yourself.

Available from ThinkGeek for just $9.99, batteries and soldering iron are not included. Check out the full range of geeky Valentines gifts from ThinkGeek.

4. The Heart Calculator

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways… And if the number starts to get really high, just whip out this nifty little heart shaped calculator.

At just $3.99 from Amazon, you won’t exactly be splurging, so complement this gift with some flowers and chocolates too. But isn’t it the thought that counts?

5. The Diane Von Furstenberg Sidekick

A big step up from the Heart Calculator in both processing power and price, the Diane Von Furstenberg Sidekick is a camera, music player, and text messager all in one—and it’s even covered in kisses!

Nothing tells your geek girl you love her like expensive electronics. Available from $175 at Amazon.

6. The <3 Collection Necklace

This Valentines Day, say it with emoticons. A gift only a truly geeky girl would get (or want, perhaps), this necklace says “I love you” with just two keystrokes.

The <3 Collection Necklace comes in both 18k gold vermeil ($85) and sterling silver ($75) and is available from Sweet Tooth Designs.

7. The Addject Kissing Love Tester

Are you and your loved one compatible smootchers? Find out when each of you grab one end of this little heart and give each other a kiss. If it emits a soft glow and a soothing refrain of “Love is in the Air”, then you know it was meant to be.

But a nasty buzz greets those who’s kissing chemistry is not just right. Or maybe you just need a little more practice? Find it on Amazon.co.uk for only £3.95 (about six bucks).

8. The Newman Heart-Shaped Kissing MP3 Player

This gift is two halves of a heart-shaped MP3 player exchanging a sweet and tender kiss. Each side works as a functioning mp3 player, one for you and one for her. And when you’re with her you can reattach them and rock your little hearts out together.

Almost impossible to find, unfortunately, although you may be able to order it here if your Chinese is good. If you’re able to buy it, $55 should get you both halves.

9. 8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirts

Every gamer knows when your hearts start to drop below 2 1/2 you’re in trouble. And that’s what you’ll see on this shirt when you’re away from your true love.

Get two people wearing these shirts within hugging distance, however, and the hearts on both of shirts start to light up until you’re fully powered with six hearts and ready for action.

The battery pack is concealed in a small pocket sewn inside the shirt, and the animated decal is removable for easy washing. Pick it up from ThinkGeek for just $11.99. But remember, in order for it to work you need the two of you. Check out the full range of geeky Valentines gifts from ThinkGeek.

10. Go Light on My Lips LED-Lit Lip Gloss

Even when the lights are off your lady can keep her lips luscious and lovely with this LED-illuminated lip gloss. It even comes with a built-in mirror for perfect application no matter how dark it gets.

A not-especially cheap $38 gets you any of the following colors: invisible, chili spice, popping pink, red carpet, and brown sugar baby. And hey, it’s even monogrammed with your initials.

11. Geek Love Poem Babydoll

If your girl loves the web, odds are good she’ll also love this babydoll t-shirt. And if you’ve got a girl who knows hex codes and geeky Internet memes enough to understand this shirt, then you’ve truly got something special.

Available for $18.99 from ThinkGeek. And check out ThinkGeeks full range of geeky Valentines gifts while you’re at it.

12. CLOCKY Moving Alarm Clock in Raspberry

Some of us need a bit more motivation to get out of bed in the morning. With Clicky, hit the snooze button more than once and this alarm clock rolls off your nightstand and tries to run away, forcing you to get up out of bed and chase the little bastard down.

Available from Amazon for $48.95, the new raspberry color makes it perfect for your sleepy valentine.

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  • lucy September 2, 2009, 7:21 pm

    So cute, I like this one the best, 8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirts ^_^, creative T

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