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The Ultimate Break Up Survival Guide: 50+ Breakup Resources

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When relationships end, the emotional aftermath can be brutal. But good advice can greatly speed up the healing process and help you move on.

While there’s no shortage of breakup advice on the Internet, most of it’s redundant or just not very good. We’ve scoured the web to find you the best online resources to help you deal with an emotional breakup and begin getting your life back on track.

For Girls

  1. How to Survive a Break Up (For Girls) — Starting from the moment he breaks up with you, this article will show you how to handle it with grace.
  2. The DUMPED! Break-up Survival Guide — GirlPosse’s step-by-step plan for getting yourself through the first month of a breakup.
  3. Get Over Him: Eight Tips for Surviving a Breakup — A compilation of eight ways to move past your breakup as suggested by iVillage message board users.
  4. How To Survive a Lesbian Relationship Break-Up — 10 steps for the girl who’s just lost another girl.

For Guys

  1. How Guys Survive a Break Up — This article breaks it down into three steps: Get over it, get back to it, and get even.
  2. After the Love has Gone: How Men Can Survive a Break Up — Five great tips to help you forget her and get back to your life.
  3. How Do Men Get Over Breakups? — When it comes to breaking up, men get just as bent out of shape as girls do. Here’s some time-tested guy tricks to get over your heartbreak faster.
  4. 11 Tips For Getting Over Your Ex — With this blueprint from AskMen.com, you’ll forget that girl and pick up the pieces of your shattered heart in no time.

For Everyone

  1. How to Survive a Breakup — Insight on surviving a breakup, with 11 great tips for picking yourself up and moving on.
  2. The Emotions of Grief During A Breakup — There are 3 phases of grief: 1) shock and denial, 2) great emotion, 3) acceptance, reorganization and integration. You’ll spend most of your time in step 2, but here’s how to get through them all.
  3. The Post-Breakup No-No List — It’s time to be a mature, healthy person who has self-control and self-restraint and most of all–self respect. Don’t make these post-breakup mistakes.
  4. Coping with a Divorce or Relationship Breakup — A very detailed and comprehensive guide to grieving and recovery for your breakup. Highly recommended.
  5. How to Survive a Breakup — How to recognize the most common emotional reactions after a breakup.
  6. Coping with Separation and Divorce — Mental Health America offers a factsheet with several valuable tips on dealing with your breakup.
  7. Getting Through a Breakup — Great advice on getting over a breakup from the UCLA Center for Women and Men.
  8. Recovering From a Break-Up — UC Riverside Counseling Center’s advice for managing a breakup.
  9. Break-ups: How To Survive Them — Informed and in-depth breakup survival tips from a psychotherapist offering online counseling.
  10. The Secret How To Get Over A Break Up — Extreme suffering during a break up is always a sign that your mindset towards life and your own person is not correct.
  11. Villanova University Relationship Breakup Guide — Valuable advice on dealing with the emotional response to a break up and feeling better.
  12. Get through a Breakup — Grown-up strategies for feeling better sooner, including getting some exercise and forcing yourself to interact with other people.
  13. Extreme Breakup Recovery: Maximum Healing, Minimum Time — Details the Extreme F.A.S.T. method, an effective, simple and practical alternative to heal faster than you thought possible.
  14. 7 Post-Breakup Pick-Me-Up Tips — Sound and effective advice for checking out of Heartbreak Hotel.
  15. How To Break Up: Part I — There is no one perfect way to deal with a break-up, but there are helpful things to remember – and do – if you find yourself in that position.
  16. The Magic Formula For Overcoming A Break-Up Fast — More great advice from relationship advisor and a break-up coach Eddie Corbano.

Moving On

  1. 10 Ways You Know You’re Over Your Ex — If you can picture your ex having sex with someone else and you don’t care, you’ve officially moved on.
  2. Getting Past Your Breakup — 10 things to do to move on now!
  3. What NOT to Do After a Break Up — 3 tips on what to avoid after a breakup.
  4. The Aftermath of Breaking Up — Lyra Pappin explores the difficult aftermath at the end of a relationship.
  5. Rediscovering Yourself & Being Your Own Person — This article gives advice on finding your identity again after losing your partner.
  6. The Ex Factor: How Your Friends Help You Survive a Breakup — Your friends can help you survive a breakup, but it’s important that you take care of them too.
  7. How to Inch Your Way Back to Being Sociable — Start by getting back in touch with the people you already know, then begin maximizing your exposure to social situations.
  8. How to Move on After a Failed Marriage — The emotional and legal aspects of ending a marriage can be tough, but don’t be afraid to love again.

If You Are the One Who Wants To Breakup

  1. How To Break Up With Somebody In 7 Steps — Breaking up is hard to do. If you want to break off your relationship, there’s no painless way. But it can be done effectively. Here’s how.
  2. How To Break Up: Part II — Catherine Specter’s follow-up article to her first on how to handle someone breaking up with you – this one’s about how you can break up with someone tactfully.
  3. More Tips on How to Break-up — LifeSpy offers a handful of great tips on how to break up with someone tactfully.

Running Into Your Ex Afterwards

  1. On Being Friends With The Ex — Some people don’t end things and don’t know how. If your ex is one of those, don’t let him or her lead the way. Take charge of ending it and not remaining friends.
  2. Meeting Your Ex Girlfriend After A Breakup — 6 Do’s And Don’ts to help guys make the most of an encounter with their ex-girlfriend.
  3. 6 Tips on Playing it Cool During an Ex-Sighting — If you happen to bump into your ex, keep it short. These tips will show you how.
  4. Sex With Your Ex — Very tricky, and probably not a good idea, but it can be managed. Here’s how.
  5. Why Sex With The Ex Is Bad News During A Breakup — And, of course, why you really shouldn’t be having sex with your ex.

Break Up Songs

  1. 10 Best Break Up Songs For Killing Your Blues — 10 classic breakup songs, plus links to the Amazon downloads.
  2. Top 10 Breakup Songs — The best breakup songs from AskMen.com, starting with “No Woman, No Cry”.
  3. Five Songs To Get You Through The Night: The Messy Breakup — The formatting on this blog post could use a little work, but there’s some really good break up songs here.
  4. Empowering Break up Songs — MamasHealth.com compiles their list of songs that send the message: “You hurt me, but I’m strong and I don’t need you.”
  5. Top Five Break Up Songs — These songs will get you through every emotion you’ll be dealt in a bad case of heartache.
  6. Lesbian Break-Up Songs — Sleater-Kinney’s “Good Things” and Liz Phair’s “Divorce Song” make the list of top lesbian breakup songs.

Breakup Blogs

  1. Getting Past Your Past — A very in-depth and well-written blog on getting past your breakup and becoming the best person you can be.
  2. Loves A Game — One of the top blogs devoted to relationships, breakups, and divorce.
  3. The Breakup Blog — Pretty decent blog with lots of great break up advice. Also promotes an ebook on how to get your ex-girlfriend back.
  4. Breakup Babe — Somewhat rambling but still engaging blog by Rebecca Agiewich, author of BreakupBabe: A Novel, on how she survived a horrible breakup.
  5. Breakup Girl — An animated blog series on the adventures of Breakup Girl, all based on letters from the blog’s advice column.
  6. Breakup Survivor — Not so much a blog as an interactive site offering breakup advice and support – a fun and valuable resource.

Breakup Books

  1. How To Survive the Loss of a Love — Well-written online book helping you understand and survive your breakup. Each section is composed of short bullet points for easy reading.
  2. It’s NOT me, it’s YOU — A complete guide to break-up survival with a smile.
  3. Extreme Breakup Recovery — Jeanette Castelli’s guide to recovering from your breakup, with more on her Extreme F.A.S.T. method.
  4. It’s Called a Breakup Because It’s Broken: The Smart Girl’s Break-Up Buddy — It’s a bit rough to hear that your relationship was broken, but sometimes the truth hurts. This book is full of solid ideas for avoiding the common mistakes associated with failed attachments.

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