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The Ultimate Geek Dating Guide: 50+ Awesome Resources

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We know it’s hard to believe, but at one time it was actually difficult for a geek to get a date.

Alright…maybe it’s still hard sometimes, but the Internet has made it a heck of a lot easier than it used to be.

Now there are a huge number of dating and social networks designed just for geeks. That means it’s incredibly easy to meet other geeky guys and girls, people for whom your obsession with WoW or your mad web design skills are actually a selling point.

Read on and we’ll show you the best places to meet other geeks online, as well as resources for maximizing your chances of meeting that special geek who’s just right for you.

Dating Sites for Geeks

  1. Geek 2 Geek — Probably the biggest and most well-known of all the geek dating sites, Geek 2 Geek bills itself as the best place online to meet geeks. It requires a paid membership, but you can easily get started with a free profile to browse their listings and see if anyone strikes your fancy.
  2. Sweet on Geeks — Another extremely popular geek dating site, the creators of Sweet on Geeks are PR machines with a knack for getting the site featured in mainstream media (like this review from Boston.com. Sweet on Geeks also features Geek Singles Nights all over the country.
  3. OtakuBooty — The name is a bit bizarre, but this site is actually a really great place to meet other geeks. It has tons of members and more girls than most non-geek dating sites (a major plus for you guys). Even if you’re not into Otaku yet, you may want to buy a Vegeta outfit and get started so you can meet the plethora of fine cosplaying girls and guys on this site.
  4. Soul Geek — Created by voice actor and proud geek Dino Andrade (husband to Mary Kay Bergman of Southpark fame), SoulGeek.com boasts over 15,000 members and has grown into one of the Internet’s top destinations for Geek romance.
  5. Nerd Passions — This site is a tad generic, and it’s cut from the same template as other “Passions” sites for geeks, including Trek Passion. Computer Passions, Gaming Passions, and Shy Passions. Still, it’s very popular and 100% free, so it’s definitely worth giving a spin.
  6. MeetMoi — Not designed specifically for geeks, MeetMoi is actually a location-based mobile dating service. Still, anyone tech-savvy enough to use this site is probably going to have a fair amount of geekiness to them, so your odds of meeting a compatible geek here are pretty good.
  7. intellectConnect — Embrace your inner geek and someone else’s too. intellectConnect bills itself as the Internet’s top meeting place for the artsy and intellectually curious. Translation: you’re likely meet people on this site who’re actually smart! A welcome change from most dating sites…
  8. The Right Stuff — Even more exclusive than intellectConnect, The Right Stuff only allows members who are students, alumni, and faculty members at the most elite universities. They screen heavily and membership is not cheap, but you’re practically guaranteed to meet someone with a higher level of intellectual sophistication.
  9. SquareDating — This site also screens members based on their connections to the world’s top academic institutions. It’s still pretty restrictive, but includes more schools than The Right Stuff and membership is a bit cheaper.
  10. iQcuties — You need to pass an IQ test to join the site. It’s only six questions and there’s no time limit, but the questions are fairly tough. If you pass, you’re granted access to this social networking site for people with above-average IQs.
  11. Datecraft — If you like World of Warcraft, then you’ll love this virtual dating realm. Ok, it’s not nearly as high-tech as WoW itself, but it does let you browse gamers’ profiles, chat with other gamers, participate in forum discussions and post pictures.
  12. Gorgeous Gamers — Another dating site for gaming fanatics, Gorgeous Gamers lets you rate guys and girls with hardcore gaming obsessions. There are also forums, groups, personal blogs, member videos and more.
  13. The Onion Personals — If you love the satire and twisted social commentary of the Onion, it’s a safe bet you’re a bit geeky. At the very least, if you enjoy their humor you’re smarter than most of the population, as will be the other singles on this dating site.
  14. GeekPlusOne.com — When the “Interests” section of this site’s members’ profiles asks users to list their favorite aspects of computer science, gaming, literature, mathematics and natural science, you know you’ve hit on a serious geeky dating site.
  15. ScientificMatch — This site uses your actual, physical DNA to measure your compatibility with other singles at the genetic level. Don’t worry, there’s no blood draws involved, just some cotton swabs you rub on the inside of your cheeks.
  16. GayGeeks.org — The place for gay geeks, queer nerds and intellectual bisexuals. GayGeeks.org is a free site that doesn’t make you “prove” how geeky you are. If you’re gay and you consider yourself a geek, you’re welcome here.
  17. AnoniDate — A dating site for Internet communities. Whether you’re a /b/tard, a WoW addict, or even a Furry, you’re certain to find someone just as weird as you are. We had no idea there were girls on 4Chan, but apparently there are quite a few.
  18. AnimeDates.com — Few things are as geeky as Anime (we’re sorry, it’s true!), and this site provides a place where fans of Anime, Manga and J-pop can find that special someone.
  19. Bee My Geek — Quite possibly taking the prize for geekiest website name, Bee My Geek (reminds us of that “Let’s Bee Friends” card from the Simpsons) provides a way for keeps to connect via forums, groups and member blogs.
  20. Geek Flirt: Geek Dating and Personals — It appears a little underpopulated at the moment, but GeekFlirt.com has signed up nearly 200 members and is targeted exclusively towards geeks. It’s worth a try, even if it’s not the biggest geek dating site online.
  21. OmniDate — While not targeted exclusively towards geeks, OmniDate offers a virtual dating experience, complete with character avatars and interactive environments. It’s about as close as you’ll get to a MMORPG in the online dating world.
  22. The Atlasphere — Online dating for the Ayn Rand set. If you are John Galt, you’re sure to find your Dagny Taggart here. And vice-versa.

Geek Dating Articles and Guides

  1. Dating Guide For Geeks (v1.0.0) — This dating guide from Linux Help covers just about everything you need to know about geek dating, with tips ranging from personal hygiene and asking someone out to breaking up.
  2. The Men’s Guide To Dating Geek Girls V 1.0 — Geek girls rock, and this article is packed with great pick-up lines and other pointers to maximize your chances with that cute geeky girl you’ve got your eye on.
  3. 9u1d3 to OnLINe D@tiNG — A guide to online dating written entirely in leet-speak. If you can understand it, you’re a certified geek.
  4. Why Geeks and Nerds Are Worth It… — From the Best of Craigslist, 15 reasons why women should pay more attention to the quiet geeks and nerds, and less attention to the flashy boys.
  5. 11 reasons to date a female geek — Joyce Carpenter lays out the myriad reasons why you should go out with a girl geek (hint: it has to do with fixing computers).
  6. In Defense of Geeks or Ten Reasons Why You Should Date a Geek — What is it with fixing computers? Are they really breaking that often? This post was written by Robert Scoble’s wife — apparently Robert really knows his way around a motherboard.
  7. Maryam, there are plenty more reasons to date geeks… — A response to the above article listing 10 more reasons geeks make great dates. Thankfully, none of them have to do with fixing your computer :)
  8. 10 Reasons NOT to date a Geek (unless they don’t follow this pattern!) — In our opinion there are NO reasons to not date a geek. But perhaps we’re biased. This post lists some of the reasons you might want to steer clear of those sexy geeks.
  9. Top ten reasons Geeks make good fathers — Should things get serious, you’ll be glad to know geeks make good dads (and moms) too.
  10. Ten reasons it isn’t always easy being married to a Geek — Then again, keep in mind that if you do get married, your geek spouse probably can’t fix your car (we sure can’t, but then again we couldn’t fix your computer or program your Tivo either).
  11. The Do’s and Don’ts of Dating Geeks — Another post by Robert Scoble’s wife Maryam. This post goes into much more detail and dishes a variety of great tips on making your geek relationship work.
  12. Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Geek Girl — If you’re a geeky guy, then a geek girl may be the only woman who truly understands you.
  13. Why Geeks Make the Best Lovers — Here’s the top 10 reasons why geeks make the best catch. The first one: Geeks don’t cheat. Are they sure about that? Seems like the crowd at our local comic book shop are pretty adept at playing musical beds.
  14. Sex Tips For Geeks: On Being Good In Bed — This guide is designed to show geeky guys how to be better in bed, but the advice could apply to any guy who want to improve his bedroom skills. Some of the language is a bit NSFW.
  15. Top 10 Ways for a Geek to Impress a Girl — A quick and funny post from Mingle2, one the Internet’s top free dating sites.
  16. UserFriendly Geek Dating Flowchart — A classic illustration, meant to be funny, not useful. You might get a kick out of it or you might be insulted. Admittedly somewhat lame.
  17. iDating Goes Warp Speed with iPhone — Heard of iPhone speed dating? Sort of like normal speed dating, but participants select who they want to date from a batch of iPhones, then send a message via the iPhone asking that person out.
  18. Top 10 Ways to Attract (and Keep) a Geek — The guide to the attraction, care and maintenance of a geeky guy. Quick tip: Be supportive and congratulate him when he reaches a new level, whatever form that takes.
  19. Top Ten Geek Dating Tips — Some special pointers for all you geeks and nerds who are hooking up for the first time with that fanboy/fangirl you just met in a chat room the other day.
  20. Why you should date a Geek Girl — If you aren’t already convinced of the date-worthiness of geek girls, Bee My Geek has 7 more reasons to give them a try.
  21. Look Better Online — Even if you’re a schlub in real life, you don’t have to look that way in your dating profile. This service specializes in taking top-quality dating pictures designed to make you look your best.
  22. Twitter nerds unite to share pick-up lines before Valentine’s Day — “If I were an enzyme, I’d be DNA helicase so I could unzip your genes.” Those are the kind of 140-character-or-less gems you’ll find in this short list of Twitter pick-up lines.
  23. 5 Geeky Marriage Proposals That Worked — Should things progress, at some point you may find yourself wanting to pop the question. Here’s five awesomely geek marriage proposals that met with success.


  1. Geek’s Dream Girl — Two geeky girls’ guide to scoring with girls like them. Great for guys looking to understand how the female geeks mind works.


  1. A Girl’s Guide to Dating a Geek — Discover how to plot revenge, diagnose common geek ailments, and find the perfect gift for your geek.


  1. Internet Dating Tips for Geeks — Chris Pirillo’s top five tips for Internet dating, from a self-admitted geek who met his own way-out-of-his-league wife online.


  1. Geek Quiz — Ever lose your car keys and wish life had ctrl+f? We’re more likely to wish it had a ctrl+z. Take this quiz from dating site OnePlusYou.com and see just how geeky you are.
  2. Take The Nerd? Geek? or Dork? Test — As you know, there’s a big difference between a geek, a nerd and a dork. The geek writes the software, the nerd understands how to use the program, and the dork is just confused by all of it. Find out which one you are.

Other Goodies

  1. Bedpost — An online app designed to show you how often you get busy, Bedpost lets you keep detailed records of your amorous escapades (should you happen to be that weird).

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